Project 2

Themes for Campaign

My marketing campaign for Cat On a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, and All My Sons by Arthur Miller will consist of multiple forms of social and traditional media to highlight themes that small business owners may relate to.  The themes shown throughout both plays will show the consequence of lies, “the sacrifice of morals” (Price, “Issue 38”), and the loss of responsibility to society.  Play reviews will be used to enhance these themes and allow for us to create a campaign poster that will create excitement among small business owners.  The campaign will make use of social media with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube promotional videos.  Traditional media will also be implemented with Ventura County Star advertisements and public access television.  We have presentations planned at the Rotary Club of Ventura and the Chamber of Commerce.  Small business owners will be exposed to Margaret’s lies about her future, while also seeing how Keller’s lies about the past cannot escape him.  These themes all relate to small business owners and will allow them to improve themselves by not making the same mistakes as any character throughout Cat On a Hot Tin Roof and All My Sons.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.51.47 PM
All My Sons campaign poster.
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.50.54 PM
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof campaign poster.



By using an extensive marketing mix we will be able to inform small business owners about both plays through social media, newspaper, radio, and our promotional event at the Rotary Club. Group sales will act as an incentive for small business owners to purchase tickets. Through our social media presence we will be able to update followers about show information and provide advertisements to local small business owners. Newspaper advertisements along with radio promotion will help to reach those small business owners who are less technologically savvy or traveling.   This blend of social and traditional media will repeatedly reach our audience to ensure successful ticket sales to small business owners.

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Budget Summary

1. Salaries $1,750
2. Media Purchases $1,000
3. Promotional Activities $1,000
4. Food & Beverage $1,250

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In-class Activities

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  1. Great use of quotes. They really justified the explanation of your themes.
    I enjoyed how detailed you were with your promotion and campaign section.
    I would have liked to see what the promotional posters would have looked like or just a quick explanation on what they would look like.

  2. Star: Your theme discussion was really detailed and I liked that you added images to your linked document.
    Star: I thought you had really good ideas when it came to the promotion of the plays.
    Wish: Explain what the miscellaneous expenses might be that you put in the budget detail.

  3. *I thought the idea of the promotional video was creative
    *I like how you point out that small business owners will be able to learn from the mistakes
    -an improvement can be maybe organizing the paragraphs a little more in themes for campaign

  4. *I really enjoyed the flow of your page, it was well constructed with images and work placement.
    *I enjoyed the video for your promotional aspect!
    Wish: Budget summary could have used more depth into where the money is going at all times.

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