Project 5

I really enjoyed Business and Economics in Literature. It allowed me to change my way of looking at economic and social issues by putting myself into the characters position. From Margie acting irrational as she searches for work in Good People, to Mama’s decision to purchase her family a house in A Raisin in the Sun, I was able to feel the reasoning behind their behavior and actions. In economics classes we always talk about unemployment, but this class allowed me to see how people are personally affected.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Apply concepts from the fields of business and economics to the analysis of literary texts:

After reading the first play we were assigned, Good People, I began to apply concepts from business and economics to the analysis of literary texts by understanding the hardships in people’s lives and how recessions make life even harder.   The theme of wealth causing social divides in Good People allowed me to see that education may allow you to accumulate more wealth, but that wealth doesn’t necessarily make you a better person.

Express your understandings of texts in oral discussion and in writing:

Project 4 really pushed my limits by allowing me to discuss the struggles that business and friendship face with the use of published reviews and academic journals. This allowed me to express my understanding of All My Sons, Good People, and American Buffalo by extracting the idea that business is more important than friendship. The screencast required me to effectively write my ideas, but then I had to find the best way of orally communicating that information along with providing a visual presentation. This resulted in my screencast below.

English Program Outcomes:

Express original and creative ideas in writing and speech:

Project 2 allowed me to express original and creative ideas for my campaign. I thought that one unique way to promote both plays would be to have actors come to Rotary club events and perform a brief section of the play. Creating the campaign video allowed me to express my ideas for promoting Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and All My Sons in a brief 90-second video.  While I felt that my content was good for the video, I had difficulty memorizing my script.  This led to my eyes wandering during the video.  I want to continue to improve my speech and presentation skills.

Practice effective editing, including appropriate use of English grammar and usage conventions:

One project I effectively edited was project 2. I was able to edit my discussion of the themes into a discussion of how I was going to use the themes to target small business owners. Below is an example of the artwork I created for All My Sons in addition to the explanation of why I used what I did.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.51.47 PM

The themes our campaign will emphasize for All My Sons include the loss of responsibility to society and the sacrifice of morals.  All My Sons inspires the campaign poster by using handcuffs with the prison bars indicate to the viewer that someone has done something wrong.  We will use this quote from Brooks Atkinson’s 1947 review on the campaign poster, “Gathers momentum all evening and concludes with both logic and dramatic impact.”  This combination will stir excitement about the play to small business owners as they wait for opening night.  We used the American flag colors on our text to provide a sense of American pride to local small business owners.  Airplanes relate to Joe Keller’s loss of responsibility to society and synergizes with Atkinson’s quote to leave the viewer wondering how the play concludes.

Analyze a diversity of texts, ideas, and problems from multiple perspectives:

Project 3 allowed the class to research housing since World War 2. My group had 1970-1979. This allowed us to research events going on in the world and we were able to relate how those events affected 406 Clybourne Street. In my revision to the project I was able to simplify my slides and was happy with the result. I was able to show how high inflation affected homebuyers, but expanded on that idea as seen in slides 41 and 42 in the presentation.

Slide 41
Slide 41
Slide 42
Slide 42

Find, evaluate, and synthesize scholarship, research, and information from a variety of sources and disciplines:

When we started with project 1 we used reviews that allowed us to add additional support to our themes. In project 2 I was able to use reviews to create my promotional campaign. On project 4 I searched through academic databases including LexisNexis and Academic Search Premier. These were very useful to find information that was relevant to my thesis. Examples can be seen in my project 4 screencast earlier on in the document.

Articulate an accurate perception of their performance in the program:

This course has allowed me to improve my writing and technological skills. I feel I have done very well throughout the course, but I know there are still improvements to be made. The ability to use Google docs and Google slides to collaborate with classmates have been beneficial tools that helped improve group communication and efficiency. Learning to create screencasts like I did for project 4 is a skill that I will continue to develop and improve. It is a skill I could use in the future to create how to videos to help walk people through complex information and tasks. I could also use it to create a presentation that incorporates live video and a slide show.

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